#OpenWounds1915 is a 501c Non-Profit organization that is focused on using Hip Hop, fashion, and social media to raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide to the youth of the world - our future leaders, in order for them to understand the impact of injustice. 

The movement was sparked by the song "Open Wounds" by R-Mean. What started out as a single song dedicated to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide turned into a ever growing worldwide movement. You can see the full video below. The song is about the continuous denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government.  This song has become an anthem for Armenian youth as they can relate to the pain and suffering of this continuous denial and the inability of our community to fully heal and move on from the effects of the Genocide.

We are purposely not affiliated to only one organization. Our goal (other than simply spreading awareness) is to unite the Armenian youth and instill a sense of pride.  Therefore we are open to work with all and any organization that is willing to collaborate with us.  So far we have worked with and donated proceeds to numerous chapters of Armenian Student Associations, Armenian Youth Federation, Homenetmen, I Wear Orange, Bridge of Health, the Armenian Tree Project and Tracy Oganyan's "The Journey AM." In 2017 Open Wounds 1915 has officially joined the Armenian Genocide Committee amongst 20 other non-profits. 



Me being of Armenian decent,  it's a way for me to represent for my people , which is a vital part of Hip Hop culture, and tell the story about our struggle."  R-Mean


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